About me

My Journey to Financial Freedom

Hi my name is Patricia Buckland, and I’ve been in some of the difficult financial places you might be in right now.  If you don’t believe me, picture this………

Middle of winter and it’s freezing

It’s 7 am.  It’s winter and the kitchen is cold.  The floor feels stone cold.  The heating’s been on. The house never gets above 10 c degrees on the thermostat. There is no insulation or double glazing. I rent privately. My boiler was recently condemned and although the landlord has replaced it, he isn’t going to be dishing out for double glazing.  Below the kitchen is the basement, and the old wooden floorboards let the bitter cold air in.

I stand warming my hands over the toaster, with one foot perched on the other to keep warm, toasting the last of the supermarket-reduced stale bread. The toast pops up,  I spread it with the last bit of the margarine and some of my ‘monthly allowance’ of honey, bought from the local charity shop. Why honey? Even though I can’t afford it, I think honey is good for you somehow. (I take a bite. It tastes good).


…….A brown envelope floats down

The letterbox creaks open.  I glance up the hallway towards the front door.  A brown envelope enters my home.  It floats down like a feather on the doormat.  I feel sick!  Whatever it is, whoever it is – I can’t afford it. Are they re-assessing my money again? Is it a debt collector? A fine?

I pick it up, careful to keep the front facing away from me; that’s wrong but it’s the only way to cope.  I  open a drawer in the kitchen.  Holding the handle makes me feel sick inside; it’s now a phobia.  I put the letter into the drawer… on top of the others. I close it, pushing the pile down to close the draw. I’ll deal with this another day?

The beginning of Debt Talk

This is a true story, just one moment of 6 years of my life as a single parent. Years later, once my life improved, after this sickening experience, I vowed that no-one else should ever suffer like that. That was the beginning of  my own company, Debt Talk. 

I now offer basic education and support in personal finance.  I call it ‘the stuff they didn’t teach you at school’.  Everyone should have a healthier relationship with money; everyone needs to know how to manage it.

If you need to contact me for my face to face Financial Coaching Programme, please use the contact us page or email me at Patricia@debt-talk.com

 About Debt Talk

People ask me all the time “Why Debt Talk ?”

I called my company Debt Talk after having experienced unmanageable debt and the cycle of chaos this caused in my life including worry and stress (by the way I now live relatively debt free and have done for the last 20 years).

The best way of dealing with anything that’s worrying you is to talk about it to someone that can help you understand and deal with the problem and this includes personal debt.

I talk about debt and teach you how to manage your money day to day to prevent it or, if you’re in debt management, how to sustain your budget to repay your creditors.

Debt Talk’s Mission

To offer as many people as possible education and support in basic personal finance to enable them to make informed decisions in order to improve their lives for the better.

My Vision

To prevent the financial chaos unmanageable debt brings to people’s lives, or to bring peace and relief to the lives of those already in it.

I started Debt Talk in 2005

In the same year I was  supported by The Unltd Millennium Awards Scheme.

And registered Debt Talk with Companies House, so I’ve been around for a while now.

My Company Number is 5421346.  I registered Debt Talk as a Not for Profit Social Enterprise.


 Track Record

In the spring of 2008, supported by HSBC Bank, I employed tutors to deliver a face to face financial literacy course to 140 year 11 students, teaching them how to recognise priority bills and create a personalised budget.

At the end of the course the students received a Completion Certificate.

From the students involved in the final assessment, their financial education knowledge increased by an average of 53%.

 In 2010 I decided to use e-learning as a way of delivering my bespoke courses.

In 2012 I released the courses for subscription.

2013 – 2014 I worked in partnership with London Borough of Hillingdon (UK) to deliver my e-learning courses “Sarah and Daniel” teaching people how to budget and plan for the unexpected expenses that crop up from time to time.

2014 -2015 I partnership worked with Wycombe Mind to deliver workshops and a bespoke e-learning course ‘Sadia’, which taught their learners all about debt prevention for their Debt Dolphins project.

2016 – I’m now taking the natural progression of combining teaching and counselling skills to teach financial strategy as well as e-learning and workshops.

The benefits of working with Debt Talk

We have a standard “off-the-shelf” course which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group or employees.

How? We listen to you. We want to know the difficulties your group or employees face regarding money, budgets etc.

Then we sit down and work with you to come up with a solution ….a bespoke unique e-learning Financial Education journey that will boost their knowledge, confidence and financial capability.

How can we work together to help your clients?

By working together we can provide your clients with a financial education course that is relevant to them and tailored to their needs; designed to increase their financial capability; I believe this will empower them to make informed decisions concerning their personal finances, including tackling their debts and improving their lives for the better.

To start our conversation

email me: patricia@debt-talk.com for the full course, as some groups will not need to complete certain subjects.

Phone me on 07749287087

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