Hello! I’m Patricia – A Financial Therapist


My Experience 

After working in the Finance Department of corporate companies for many years, paying their bills.   Eventually, I had to leave because of childcare problems; unfortunately, there wasn’t any I could afford.

Because of all this experience, I have a great relationship with my money, which gives me peace of mind and a feeling of financial freedom; I get to choose.

How I can help

So, if you’re sick of being broke and need help, I’m offering a confidential, safe place to take a moment, to sit back and catch your breath and have someone listen to you unconditionally.

To chat about your financial journey so far and work with you to find a way to reach your financial goals, no matter how small. 


Our Company Values





My Approach


My Approach is controversial!

I talk about money, money scripts, dreaming and financial goals.

I use Financial Therapy to help you reach your financial goals.


What is Financial Therapy? 

Financial Therapy is a combination of BACP Counselling Skills and Financial Education.


What happens during a session?

I create a safe space for you to dream.

You get to take a breather, a step back from the everyday routine and take a look at your finances.

In that safe space, you can dream, create your financial goals, work out a financial journey, and how to achieve your goals, all while sipping your favourite drink and having fun.