My e-learning courses..

are unique bespoke stories based on fictional characters that teach financial education any time, anywhere.

We all need to know how to manage our money and e-learning courses are perfect for students who are about leave school and start their life’s journey.

When you complete the course you receive a Certificate of Completion to add to your portfolio.


e-learning is a form of learning that is enabled, supported and delivered through the use of a computer or other electronic device which enables internet access. 

By simply logging onto the course, learners can choose where and when they complete the course and how long they want to spend on it at any one time.


e-learning is self-directed which means that people can learn at a pace what suits their individual learning style.

Learners can dip in and out of the programme at any time which allows them to fit their learning around other demands.

The e-learning course is accessible from wherever there is internet access available, which means that people can choose their learning environment without limitations.

Learning can also be broken down into bite size chunks, which makes the course more manageable and enjoyable.


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